Caught on Camera: Transit worker throws blind man’s cane


Video courtesy of CNN

BOSTON (KRON)– Shocking video out of Boston shows a transit worker throwing a blind man’s cane.

It happened Thursday morning on the Orange Line platform at the Chinatown Station.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

It shows a visually-impaired rider dropping his support cane.

One of the ambassadors not only tossed it away from him, but refused to help him get it.

The altercation began when officials say the man didn’t have a pass card, and tried to go through the fare gate.

Eventually, a transit police officer picked up the walking cane and returned it to Jerry Tolbert.

Tolbert is a homeless man, who says he is just “looking for a better life.”

The two ambassadors involved in the bullying were fired.

They were part of a new, $4 million annual contract with the company, to help assist riders at 20 stations.

Officials are taking this very seriously, and are planning mandatory re-training for all employees who interact with customers.

CNN contributed to this article.



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