Congressman Mark DeSaulnier talks Virginia violence, Trump with KRON4

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Bay Area Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, who represents California’s 11th District, talked with KRON4’s Catherine Heenan Monday following a weekend of violence in Virginia.

“You can’t placate evil, you can’t equivocate about evil. What happened in Virginia is unacceptable,” Rep. DeSaulnier told Heenan.

The Congressman, who represents portions of Contra Costa County, blasted President Trump for not responding sooner and more strongly to the white nationalists involved in the rallies in Charlottesville.

“My personal view is that the president used these folks,” Rep. DeSaulnier said. “And he’s afraid to confront them. People fought and died in wars about this. People have to stand up for what this country believes in. It’s a sacrilege to American soldiers who fought in World War II against fascism and for Americans to try to placate people who espouse the same world view Americans died for.”

The rallies in Charlottesville turned deadly over the weekend when a driver rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters.

“The people who were there and what they were saying, were promoting fascism,” the Congressman told Heenan. “Not that long ago my father fought in World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives fighting against Adolph Hitler. And these people – many of them were there to promote that viewpoint. In World War II, what they were doing would be considered traitorous. So you can’t placate that and you can’t equivocate in your comments. Particularly when you’re president of the United States. In my opinion, that’s part of his problem. He used racial division to get elected president of the United States. And he’s afraid to confront that.”

The democrat is also very concerned with how President Trump is handling the situation with North Korea.

“This is where having a president who doesn’t listen to professional advisors and has an ego that makes him think he knows how to handle every situation best, even though he doesn’t have any depth or understanding of it,” Rep. DeSaulnier said. “It’s very dangerous for this country…what he’s doing I think is dangerous and wrong.”

Congressman DeSaulnier told Heenan that he finds it disturbing that 27 national monuments are currently under review by the Trump administration.

That could mean some of them could be scaled back, or even eliminated.

When Heenan asked him about it, Rep. DeSaulnier called it “awful.”

“The would be unprecedented if it did happen,” Heenan said.

“This is our commonwealth. We own this. This is what makes our country vibrant,” the Congressman said. “John Muir’s home is in my district and I’m proud of that. So trying to sell public assets at rock dollar values for wealthy people is not a good investment and not good leadership. As Ken Burns said in his documentary on national parks – it’s America’s best idea. We should be defending that.”

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