VIDEO: 2 accused of killing 71-year-old man on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks plead not guilty


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A man and woman accused of killing a 71-year-old man on San Francisco Twin Peaks last month pleaded not guilty on Monday.

The victim’s sister spoke outside of court, blaming a judge in a previous case involving the suspects.

“The judge is responsible for my brother’s death as the people that murdered him,” Lorrie French said. “She did not do her job. Because based on the facts, and the facts are very clear, he was a felon arrested with guns, and he should not have been allowed on the streets of San Francisco.”

French was robbed and killed by Fantasy Decuir and Lamonte Mims, authorities said.

Both Decuir and Mims pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

French’s family wants to know why Mims was not behind bars at the time of the murder. 

Two weeks before the shooting, Mims was charged with felony possession of a firearm.

At that time, he was on felony probation for auto burglary in San Mateo County and misdemeanor probation for receiving stolen property in San Francisco.

Decuir’s attorney says that based on the risk assessment process, the judge followed protocol.

“When a judge makes his decision whether or not to release a person, they have to rely on the best information they have,” Decuir’s attorney Jeff Adachi said. “It’s impossible to predict the future. I think the judge makes a decision based on the best information that he or she has. Here, it was determined that it was not a high-risk to release this individual.”

Adachi says in this case, the judge had ruled that Mims was not a high-risk case.

Both Decuir and Mims face a string of charges including murder, second-degree robbery, and inflicting injury on an elderly adult.

Mims is being held without bail.

Both are due back in court on Friday.

Here is a statement from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office:

“The PSA tool requires a variety of information about a defendant to assess risk and make custody recommendations. That information-including prior criminal history and in-custody time-translates to risk factors, characteristics that, when present, indicate a statistically significant increased risk of pretrial failure. When the defendant’s score was calculated it appears certain factors were not accurately entered, and this resulted in a miscalculation by the agency that generates the scores.”



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