VIDEO: Man survives accidentally piercing his heart with nail gun

Video courtesy of CNN.

PESHTIGO, Wisc. (KRON) — A Wisconsin man is lucky to be alive after a freak accident earlier this summer.

While working on his home, Doug Bergeson accidentally shot a nail into his chest.

He says he was finishing up on a fireplace when he dropped the nail gun.

This is when the gun shot a three-inch framing nail straight into his heart.


The piece of metal pierced his heart at the speed of a 22 bullet.

His wife was at church when it happened.

He says it didn’t hurt much, and he was even able to drive himself 12 miles to the hospital.

Luckily, he knew better than to try to pull it out on his own.

Doctors say had he tried to do so, the results could have been catastrophic.

The outcome also would have been much different if the nail had struck a main artery – which it almost did.

The thickness of a piece of printer paper was the difference between life and death.

“Must have had somebody watching over me,” Bergeson said. “Because it was close.”

Bergeson was rushed into emergency surgery and has since made a miraculous recovery.

He has a scar on his chest, but no permanent damage.

(CNN Images)

CNN contributed to this article



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