VIDEO: Protest in San Francisco over US Park Service permit to alt-right group


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A protest is being held in San Francisco on Wednesday over the United States Park Service issuing a permit to an alt-group that plans on holding a demonstration at Crissy Field on Aug. 26.

Wednesday’s demonstration, hosted by a group called “Permits For Fun NOT Fascism,” will take place at the Fort Mason headquarters, according to its Facebook page. The group is urging “the NPS to cancel the event permit out of concern for the safety of our citizens. Recreation areas are for fun not fascism!”

The Facebook event description also says:

The National Park Service is obligated to provide permits for events under the First Amendment, which is why a group of white nationalists were able to secure a permit to hold a rally at Crissy Field on Saturday, August 26th. In light of the recent terrorist attack on peaceful protesters in Charlottesville by a white supremacist at a white nationalist rally clearly show that the rally planned in San Francisco is a clear threat to public safety. One of the event speakers is convicted violent felon Kyle Chapman, better known as Based Stickman to his alt-Reich minions.


The press office for San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says the permit for the alt-right rally at Crissy Field has been approved by the U.S. Park Service but not yet issued.


U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-San Francisco) wanted the park service to deny the permit to the group.

“According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Patriot Prayer attracts white nationalists and other hate groups to its rallies with the intent to provoke unrest between those groups and counter-protesters,” Senator Feinstein wrote. “I am alarmed at the prospect that Crissy Field will be used as a venue for Patriot Prayer’s incitement, hate, and intimidation.”

And here is the letter Feinstein wrote to the park service:

Here is the permit application from “Patriot Prayer.”

And here is a statement from the Parks Service:

We have heard and take very seriously the concerns expressed by the public and elected officials regarding the proposed August 26 Patriot Prayer First Amendment event at Crissy Field. Our highest priority is to ensure public safety, while honoring our obligation to uphold one of our nation’s most cherished Constitutional rights, the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

We are guided by the Constitution, the law, longstanding court precedent, and National Park Service policy, which tells us we must be deliberative and not preemptive in our decisions related to First Amendment gatherings. Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the U.S. Park Police are closely coordinating with other federal, state and local agencies to ensure a robust plan is in place before we issue a final permit.

We want to thank everyone for expressing their heartfelt opinions and valid concerns. Anyone interested in expressing their opinion may do so by writing us at We are reviewing all comments, but we are not able to respond to everyone due to the large volume we are receiving.

We will make a final determination on the permit within the next seven business days based on the thorough public safety review. We will make a public announcement of our decision at that time.

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