Livermore police shoot, kill man armed with shotgun

LIVERMORE (KRON)–A man was killed late Wednesday night during an officer-involved shooting in Livermore, the department said.

According to Livermore police, around 8:50 p.m. officers received calls from residents about a man acting bizarrely and harassing people.

Police arrived at the 1300 block of Via Deste.

Officers said the suspect refused to obey their commands. He allegedly went inside a home and armed himself with a firearm.

Police attempted to negotiate with the man after he made suicidal statements. Shortly after, several shots were fired from within the home, police said.

A crisis negotiator was on scene and tried to calm the suspect to no avail.

A fire was lit inside the home and the man came out holding a shotgun, police said.

Officers fired at the suspect, who was hit and pronounced dead at the scene.

Fire personnel extinguished the blaze inside the home.



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