VIDEO: Toddler dies after found in hot daycare van


FLORIDA (CNN) – A Florida community is in shock after a 3-year-old was discovered inside a hot van outside  of “In His Arms” Christian Academy on Friday.

Sherell Benjamin rushed to the scene after finding out what happened to pick up her nieces and nephew.

“I don’t know. I’m telling you I was just shocked,” Benjamin said. “Just knowing that they were attending the daycare and I don’t know…”

The 3-year-old  died at a local hospital.

Now investigators are trying to determine if the girl was left in the car or somehow got back in on her own.

Crime scene techs could be seen gathering evidence from inside the van.

Benjamin encourages people to take precautions with hopes this doesn’t happen again.

“You don’t get out of a vehicle until you know everybody who was in there is out,” she said. “Whether they are an adult or a child. You make sure they’re out, especially children because it’s too hot out here.”

The van was put onto a flatbed and taken away as evidence.

Following this tragedy, parents will be hugging their children a little tighter.

“You don’t want to hear that about anybody or anything like that going on,” Benjamin said. “But I’m just glad I was able to be able to be close enough to come pick them up because they’re worth it.”



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