Animals and the eclipse: Will they freak out?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– Most Americans will have their eyes skyward Monday morning to experience the total solar eclipse, but researchers don’t know it’ll affect animals.

Shelly Smith, a behavior manager with San Francisco SPCA, said there’s no data to provide a definate answer.

“Aside from the science that we don’t quite have all the answers to yet, the SPCA also recommends that when it comes to your pet, it might be worth it to treat the eclipse day like a holiday…” she said.

People are traveling long distances to watch the solar eclipse, which means there are ample opportunities for animal mishaps.

“Make sure that your animals are microchipped, licensed, make sure that they’re up to date on their vaccines, and make sure that if you’re traveling with your dogs that they’re on a leash,” Smith said.

Some zoos within the path of totality are conducting research on more exotic animals.

The SPCA may collect a few anecdotes of what they see and hear from pets.






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