CHP: 1 dead, 1 in trauma center after rollover crash off Hwy 17

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) – One person is dead and other injured after a car fell down an embankment on Highway 17 in unincorporated Santa Clara County early Sunday morning, CHP said.

Shortly after 1:15 a.m. CHP responded to reports of a pedestrian on Northbound 17, south of Lexington Reservoir near Los Gatos.

When officers arrived they found the pedestrian who was flagging down drivers where a car went off a cliff just south of Bear Creek Rd.

The car rolled about 300-500 feet down the embankment, hitting several trees on the way, according to CHP.

One person was found unconscious outside of the car.

The other was inside the car with a head injury.

Santa Clara County Fire Department arrived to assist in the rescue.

The person outside the car was pronounced dead at the scene, CHP said.

The female inside the car was rescued using rope systems and a stokes basket in about an hour.

She was taken to a local trauma center. Her condition is unknown at this time.

CHP Sgt. Hill says he believes alcohol was a “primary” factor in the collision.

It appears that the driver, who CHP believes is the survivor, was driving dangerously fast and lost control of the car.

CHP believes both people were drinking before the crash.

It is unclear if the person killed was wearing a seatbelt.

“Most roll-over crashes are survivable if you wear a seatbelt,” Hill said.

Neither person’s  identity has been released.




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