VIDEO: Parents, students fed up with overcrowding at Dublin High School


DUBLIN (KRON) — Parents and students are upset in one East Bay school district because of overcrowding, and hundreds are planning to protest at a school board meeting on Tuesday.

Parents took the streets on Sunday in Dublin to protest overcrowding at the high school.

Dublin High School is up to just under 2,800 kids, and it’s projected there will be at least 5,000 high school students by 2024.

The parents KRON4 spoke with during Monday afternoon pickup said they want another high school now.

“The one high school thing I think is the only thing that is setting this city back in every direction,” parent Raymond said.

Raymond has a freshman, and he hopes by the time his other two other daughters get to high school, the overcrowding issue will be solved.

“The minute they get a second high school here, I think everybody will be super happy,” Raymond said.

And why is there overcrowding?

“Dublin is one of the fastest-growing cities in…California,” Dublin Unified School District spokeswoman Michelle McDonald said.

McDonald says relief is on the way.

“We have a new K-8th school opening next fall, which will help take some pressure off the system…,” McDonald said.

In the summer of 2016, the city passed a bond measure, which gave the school district $283 million to help with expansion.

The district plans to build a new high school, but parents feel like it’s taking too long.

“Nothing has really kind of happened,” Raymond said. “And unfortunately, the talks have been going on for probably two, three years.”

KRON4 spoke with the parents behind this website and group “Dubliners United,” who are pushing for this second high school to come sooner than later.

They said they plan to have hundreds of parents show up to protest the school board meeting Tuesday night in Dublin.

McDonald says the district is committed to building a new high school, and they welcome parents to the meeting.

“So what’s going to happen at tomorrow night’s meeting is the Board of Trustees is going to sort out a budget and decide how much they want to allocate from the bond measure to each of the needs that we have K through 12, and they’re also going to make some decisions about capacities and where we need to focus our priorities, but from the beginning, a future high school in Dublin has always been a top priority of the board, and we don’t see that changing,” Raymond said.



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