VIDEO: Dublin parents fed up with overcrowding at schools


DUBLIN (KRON) — The Dublin community is upset Tuesday night because of overcrowding at Dublin High School.

There are already nearly 2,800 students enrolled, and they are expecting another 2,200 more over the next seven years.

The city has already passed a measure to help build another high school, but parents say it is taking way too long.

And hundreds of parents are voicing their concern on Tuesday night.

The board is deciding how much money is going to be used to try and build a new high school and how much money will be used to help the schools that are currently overcrowded. This is a big issue because they have

This is a big issue because they have overcrowding at all of their schools.

It is a packed house at Tuesday night’s Dublin Unified School District Meeting.

More than 50 parents or community members are set to give their opinion on the matter.

Dozens more are there to watch.

The class sizes at all grade levels are increasing.

A new grade school will open soon but that won’t fix the high school’s problems.

The board is putting a community committee together to try and find a site to build a new high school.

Many are concerned that if they don’t find a site, they’ll just build a massive new school on the current site.

Those KRON4 spoke with said the overcrowding is bad now and the board needs to work faster.

Another thing complicating the matter is land has become expensive in Dublin.

The district says it is committed to trying to find a new site.



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