VIDEO: Fresno teen suffers eye damage after watching solar eclipse with voluntarily recalled glasses


FRESNO (KSEE) — Fresno-area optometrists are treating an influx of patients with eye damage caused by looking at the eclipse.

Doctors said patients have symptoms of Sun Retinopathy caused by looking at the sun too long.

“I watched the eclipse it was beautiful,” said Jose Moldonado.

18-year-old Jose Maldonado said he has been looking forward to the eclipse for months.

On Monday morning, he finally got to watch the event with his eclipse glasses he got the week before. Then, he said something wasn’t right.

“I realized when I took them off that everything was hazy,” Moldonado said.

He said he lost most of his vision by the afternoon. Later on, he realized he was using voluntarily recalled eclipse glasses.

That’s when he made a trip to the optometrist.

Dr. Michael Mendoza, an optometrist at Eye-Q in Fresno said starting on Monday afternoon, they saw an increase in patients.

“We are getting people calling in due to symptoms of solar retinopathy when you look at the sun too long,” said Dr. Michael Mendoza, Optometrist at Eye-Q.

Mendoza said sun Retinopathy can cause symptoms like eye watering, spots in vision, sensitivity to light, and foggy vision.

Mendoza said the symptoms don’t start occurring until hours after the sun exposure. The damage can be permanent.

“There is not a whole lot we can do after the damage is done,” Dr. Mendoza said.

Doctors said they are just providing relief.

Jose said his symptoms don’t look permanent but he learned a valuable lesson.

“Don’t look at the sun, just don’t,” said Moldonado.

Doctors said they will continue to monitor the patients dealing with these symptoms for the coming months.

They said at this point, it is too early to tell if the patients have permanent damage.



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