VIDEO: Increased patrols at San Francisco’s Dolores Park to remain indefinitely after triple shooting


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A new commitment from police after an outbreak of violence at a popular San Francisco park.

On Tuesday night, KRON4 has learned that increased officer patrols will remain in place indefinitely at Dolores Park after a triple shooting earlier this month.

It happened on the Footbridge, near Cumberland and Church streets.

Two adults and one minor were hurt.

Still, no arrests have been made in the shooting.

The question on Tuesday night is are the increased patrols enough to make people feel safe?

Many KRON4 spoke with said they liked the idea of added police patrols, but a few weren’t sure that would stop some of the problems at the park.

On Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco police officers on foot and on motorcycle patrolled in-and-around Dolores Park, keeping an eye out for any problems.

While the park sits in one of the city’s most scenic spots and is a huge draw for parents, neighbors, and tourists, it is also an accepted fact that the park has its problems.

“I think anyone who frequents the park has seen violence here or maybe purse snatching or something like that,” park visitor Michael Baldwin said.

Following a series of violent incidents over the past few months, the police department has decided to continue its increased patrols indefinitely.

Most of the people KRON4 spoke with on Tuesday were happy to hear it.

But not everyone thinks the patrols will work.

Brita Bookser was in the park on Aug. 3 when shots rang out near a pedestrian bridge on the west side of the park.

“I just heard gunshots and (then) a lot of people were running down the hill, screaming to get up and run, and so, I just left my things in the grass and ran down the hill,” Bookser said.

Three people were injured that day in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting.

Tuesday afternoon was the first time Brita had been back to the park since that day.

She’s skeptical that added police presence will make a difference.

“Increasing police presence does not make me feel more safe as a community member,” Booker said. “I think there are other ways to bring in the community and create more community resources for folks, and that would help have a stronger, more safe community.”

Finally, the city is also looking into finding ways to improve safety at Dolores Park, including possibly making changes to the pedestrian bridge over the Muni tracks near Church Street.

Dolores Park is not the only location in San Francisco with increased patrols.

San Francisco officers have also stepped up their presence at Twin Peaks.

That’s after a man was robbed and killed at the popular tourist spot.

Two arrests have been made in that case.



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