VIDEO: Man accused of fatally shooting off-duty Oakland firefighter in San Jose makes first court appearance


OAKLAND (KRON) — The man accused of fatally shooting an off-duty Oakland firefighter in San Jose makes his first court appearance.

The suspect in last Thursday’s shooting of two off-duty Oakland firefighters is being held without bail.

And if prosecutors have their way, he’ll remain behind bars for the rest of his life after allegedly shooting the two firefighters in what the district attorney says was a surprise attack.

The court allowed our cameras into Department 23 this afternoon but it stipulated we were not to show the defendant’s face.

Twenty-seven-year-old Oliver Juinio, handcuffed and shackled at the waist and feet, was arraigned on one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

He showed no emotion and spoke only briefly to his attorneys.

Juinio is the man police say shot two off-duty Oakland firefighters, one fatally, outside a Taylor Street market after they had attended a party for an independent clothing chain.

In a statement of facts, prosecutors said there is no evidence of any kind provocation and that based on surveillance video from the market, Juinio allegedly shot the firefighters down at close range in what is being characterized as a surprise attack.

“Based on the initial investigation, it appears to be an unprovoked attack as these two firefighters were shot without warning or provocation,” Deputy District Attorney Lance Daugherty said. “What you have is two off-duty firefighters who came down to San Jose to enjoy the evening and were confronted by this individual who brandished a gun and ended up killing one and wounding the other.”

Based on witnesses descriptions during an all-night manhunt, prosecutors say there is no evidence that Juinio knew firefighter Jake Walter, who was killed, or his partner, who has not been identified.

Oliver Juinio will return to court next month to enter a plea.

Prosecutors say he has two previous felony convictions and is, therefore, a three-strikes defendant, and if convicted in this case, he will face 170 years to life in prison.



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