Hurricane Harvey forces mother and premature newborn 400 miles apart

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (WSAV) – Hurricane Harvey forced one Texas mother nearly 400 miles away from her newborn baby who was born eight weeks ahead of schedule.

Just before the storm hit, Itzel Gutierrez gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, who was in need of critical care.

“She couldn’t breathe. They [just] couldn’t figure it out why she couldn’t breathe,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez took her daughter to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, where Sophia would be placed in the neonatal intensive care unit.

While considering whether or not surgery was needed, Gutierrez received more news.

“They told me there was a hurricane,” Gutierrez said. And Hurricane Harvey forced them out of the hospital.

“I was scared cause I was like, ‘where’s my daughter going to go?’” Gutierrez recalled.

Sophia was transported along with ten other babies from Fort Worth to Corpus Christi to ensure their critical care would continue.

Their parents were left behind and told to get up to Fort Worth if, and when, they can.

“I just want to go home with her. I just want her to be healthy and I want to go with her,” Gutierrez said.

She was able to make it up to Fort Worth by Saturday, but the two of them won’t be able to go back home to Corpus Christi just yet.

But after a stressful few days, Gutierrez says she’s learned Sophia’s condition may not require surgery after all.

“I feel like God is with me,” says Gutierrez. “God is helping me.”



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