VIDEO: Transgender woman who organized, canceled “No to Marxism in America” rally in Berkeley speaks to media


ANTIOCH (KRON) — Amber Cummings, the transgender woman who organized, then canceled, the “No to Marxism in America” rally, which drew thousands of counter-protesters in Berkeley on Sunday, addressed news organizations Wednesday for the first time since Sunday’s demonstrations turned violent.

She tells KRON4’s Philippe Djegal that she intends to return to Berkeley.

“I’m very, very upset about what happened this weekend — extremely upset,” Cummings said.

Cummings, the self-described “trans-patriot,” says she is not a white nationalist.

She says she’s not hiding from anyone.

“I don’t stand with the KKK,” Cummings said. “I don’t stand with any of these groups.”


She showed up to the news conference without a bandana, then covered her face from the podium. She is doing so, she says, to draw more attention to the anti-fascist protesters who dress similarly at rallies–who she says were also responsible for inciting the violence at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley last Sunday.

“They’re not allowing me to speak out against Marxism–that was the message,” Cummings said. “They’ve been attacking our people in the parks. People with masks like this have been attacking our people non-stop across the country.”

Cummings chose to address news organizations about this past weekend’s demonstrations at a park in Antioch to avoid any confrontation with anti-fascist protestors.

She also asked for the Antioch Police Department to stay close by should anything go wrong.

Despite the large police presence at the park Sunday, and officers making 13 arrests, Cummings says the police department could have done more to quell the agitators.

Though she canceled last Sunday’s “No to Marxism in America” rally two days prior, thousands of counter-protestors still showed up.

She says she intends to return to Berkeley this Saturday afternoon by herself.



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