VIDEO: San Francisco store donating clothes and shoes to Hurricane Harvey victims


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — People in the Bay Area are coming together to send Hurricane Harvey victims the items they need most, as a store in San Francisco is donating clothes and shoes.

One of its employees happens to be from Houston. He said it was nerve-wracking because sometimes, he couldn’t get in touch with his family to know if they were OK.

He said his hometown is elevated, so they never imagined the waters would rise to the level they did–until it was almost too late.

Victims of Harvey describe it as surreal, watching waters rise quickly and nearly drowning their neighborhoods.

Michael Perez has lived in the Bay Area for six years, but he says his heart and family, including his mom, are in Houston.

“It’s sad because the only thing you can do is call them and hopefully they answer, and hopefully, they do make it to where they need to be,” Perez said. “People are losing power, and the lines are so long at the grocery stores. I have a few cousins that live on the east side of Houston. It was completely underwater.”

Hurricane Harvey Red Cross Donations

KRON4 reached out to Perez’s cousins, Sylvia Adames-Cortez and Ariel Adames, who were back in their homes on Wednesday after being evacuated by boat on Monday.

The two say they were rescued by boat at night by regular people who had come from nearby cities to help.

In a wonderful coincidence, D&S, a clothing store in the Marina where Perez works, is sending clothes and shoes to those affected by Harvey–and thereby helping people in his hometown.

The store has 16 locations. The one in San Francisco on its own is sending more than $10,000 worth of merchandise to the Houston area.

They’re also accepting donations.

So, if you’ve got clothes and shoes to spare, you can drop them off at their Union Street location.



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