VIDEO: Truck slams into Florida deputies, woman

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A truck slammed into a woman and two Pasco County deputies as they were responding to a crash in Hudson.

The incident, which was captured on deputy body camera, happened near the intersection SR 52 and Hays Road.

Video shows Deputy Peter Noor and Deputy Andrey Damian assisting crash victims in distress, when all of a sudden, a truck at the intersection slams into another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.  The truck is sent spinning out of control before it crashes into a vehicle involved in the first accident, pushing the vehicle into the woman and the deputies.

“Our attention was on the female that was hurt from the first accident. One thing both of us heard was a car horn from one of the trucks. As soon as I put my head up, I knew they weren’t going to make it,” said Deputy Damien at a press conference Wednesday.

The woman and Deputy Noor were knocked to the ground.  Deputy Damien said his colleague flew backward about six feet, but he quickly got back up on his feet and continued to serve and made sure another person involved in the crash received care, according to the sheriff’s office.

Both deputies and the woman were later hospitalized for minor injuries.

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, it was Damian’s second day on the job.  Damian said he was fine after the crash.  His colleague, Deputy Noor is at home resting, according to the sheriff’s office.  The woman who was hit can be heard complaining a headache before the collision.  She is expected to be okay, but her current condition is unknown.

“We cringe when we see this video because we know how bad it could’ve been,” said Sheriff Nocco.

It’s unclear if any charges have been filed against the driver.  Sheriff Nocco said that’s up to the Florida Highway Patrol.

“This is an example of the dangers that our men and women face every day they put on the uniform,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook. “We urge you to slow down, especially on wet roads and near traffic crashes. We are thankful the injuries to our members were not serious. We are also thankful for our citizens who stepped in to help their fellow citizens.”

WARNING, the video below contains strong language.



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