‘Miracle baby’ with umbilical cord still attached found inside gym bag

Responding officer holds infant found inside gym bag. (Chamblee Police Department Facebook)

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (WFLA) – A newborn in Georgia is being called a “miracle baby” after he was found safe inside a gym bag with his umbilical cord still attached, according to police.

Chamblee police officers were called to the Family Medical Clinic in DeKalb County just after midnight on Thursday after cleaning staff made the discovery.

A responding officer took immediate care of the baby, called for paramedics and the boy was taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment, the department said. The boy weighs 4.86 lbs and appears not to be full term.

After reviewing surveillance video, police learned the gym bag was left outside the clinic early Wednesday morning with the child inside. The bag was later brought inside by staff members who assumed it belonged to a patient. They did not open the bag, and the infant stayed inside the bag without any nourishment or attention.

Police notified child protective services, which came to the hospital to take custody of the infant.

“Based on the initial timeline of the incident, the medical staff considers the infant boy a miracle child,” the department said.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.



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