VIDEO: Star of Netflix series ‘Kindness Diaries’ fighting against bullying


PLEASANT HILL (KRON) — Insecurity, self-doubt, and cliques–welcome to middle school.

But there’s no place for that at Sequoia Middle School in Pleasant Hill.

Not on Thursday anyway when they had a special invited guest–the humble star of the Netflix series, “Kindness Diaries.”

Mr. Leon, as the kids call him, was there to say that kindness is cool.

He travels the world with no money, nothing but his yellow scooter, depending only on the kindness of strangers.

Leon Logothetis used to be a banker in London. So, when a homeless man in Pittsburg gave him the shirt off his back, Leon paid it forward and got the man a home and his dream of cooking school.

The kids one-by-one told their own stories of hurt feelings and times they’ve felt kindness and less alone.

They are simple lessons learned this one day at school that can last a lifetime.

Watch the above video to see Vicki Liviakis’ full report.



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