VIDEO: Tiny 400 square-foot Los Angeles house costs $1,800 a month in rent


LOS ANGELES (KRON/CNN) — A California realtor is hoping renters will pay nearly $2,000 for a home that’s only 400 square feet.

Claudia Montoya is hosting an open house.

The realtors couldn’t wait to show off some of Los Angeles’s newest tiny homes.

“Highland Park is growing. It’s evolving,” Montoya said. “It’s very expensive, and they just need you to get more space.”

The seven new tiny houses are nestled in Highland Park’s Hermon District.

“It’s fun it’s young. A lot of the old things have been made new again,” Montoya said.

But the “tiny” stops at the price tag–$1,800 a month for 400 square feet of living.

“You see certain areas, not as much maybe see a 5 percent, but in Highland Park, you’re still seeing like maybe a 10-to-12 percent month over month,” Montoya said.

They sit on the historic Monterey Park trailer site that dates back to 1923, which means the owners were limited.

Plans to build apartments or condos went right out the window.

“We didn’t realize what we’re getting into,” owner Anthony Santillo said. “Never owned a trailer park, (never) had to deal with historical anything like that. And after going through a lot of the battles and the blood sweat and tears on here, we finally got to a point now we think it’s going to–it’s now coming to what we thought it would be.”

Santillo and two partners own the nearly 2-acre site, the five houses, 22 trailers, and now, seven tiny houses that are on the site.

“Under the guidelines of the park, they have to be under 400 square feet,” Montoya said.

Neighbor Franklin Lewis likes the idea.

“I think that they are pretty nice, kind of beautifies neighborhood a little bit,” Lewis said.

But Lewis who lives next door says he won’t be moving in.

“Not for me, a little too small,” Lewis said.

But these realtors predict plenty of renters will gladly move in and pay the price.

“A lot of people said, ‘Oh I can’t believe it’s $1,800,’ but I would say maybe that’s 10 percent,” Montoya said. “Ninety percent of people who are actually looking say, ‘Wow this is amazing. How do I get this?’ And have been calling nonstop for applications.”



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