Bay Area man suspected of fatally shooting Sacramento deputy dies

Thomas Daniel Littlecloud

SACRAMENTO (FOX40) — The man suspected of shooting and killing Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Robert French as well as injuring two CHP officers has died.

Thomas Little Cloud, a Bay Area resident, was in critical condition after sustaining wounds in an exchange of gunfire with police Wednesday.

The 32-year-old fired a high-powered rifle through the door of one of the Ramada Inn’s rooms, hitting two CHP officers as officials were conducting an investigation. After exiting onto a balcony, he shot and killed Deputy French then led officers on a car chase that ended in a crash and the gun battle that critically injured him.

One of the CHP officers was scheduled to undergo surgery and is expected to recover. The other was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Little Cloud’s girlfriend, Priscilla Prendez, was arrested following a high-speed car chase in a stolen BMW, which officers initially found in the motel’s parking lot. She appeared in court Friday.



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