CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Items go flying during rare Santa Barbara storm


SANTA BARABARA (KRON) — A fast-moving storm rolled through Santa Barbara, overturning nearly everything in its path.

Shocking video shows things like chairs and umbrellas flying through the air.

The violent weather also knocked down trees and power lines.

Beach goers who had been trying to stay cool say they were suddenly drenched by heavy rain and nearly blown away by wind speeds of 80 miles an hour.

“This wind storm with hail just threw me by the beach, all the way dragged me by the boats to the fence where I had to hold on to the fence, and I barely could hold on because it was pushing me,” one beach goer said. “There were things flying, kayaks, boats.”

One person was injured, possibly by a kayak that blew through the air.

The storm is believed to be a microburst, which is a sudden localized and powerful air current.

They can behave in similar ways to a tornado.



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