VIDEO: 2 North Bay children selling their toys to help Hurricane Harvey victims


TIBURON (KRON) — Seeing the images of devastation coming out of Texas from Hurricane Harvey has left a lot of people wondering how they can help the victims.

But two North Bay children have come up with a way to help one toy at a time.

The sister and brother team cleaned out their rooms and found a few items they could part with because they felt a call to action.

“I seen lots of people getting flooded by the water, like on the news and stuff, and I felt really bad because they are innocent people and they don’t deserve that,” 11-year-old Ava Jensen said.

Add in a homemade sign, busy street corner, plus a friendly wave, Ava and her 9-year-old brother Aaron got to work.

They are trying to sell their formerly favorite toys to raise money for the youngest victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“These are kids exactly like us, and I thought we could help out,” Aaron said.

The lemonade sold out quickly.

As customers kept coming by, some did not even buy anything.

They just wanted to drop off a few dollars.

Ava says every penny counts.

“It makes me feel like I have a connection to one of these kids,” Aaron said.

They don’t know anyone in Houston. Yet, they wanted to do something to make a difference.

All the money will be donated to the Red Cross, and the sale was 100 percent their idea, done with the support of their parents.

I am proud of my kids, and I am proud of my neighbors for stepping up, and it means a lot to all of us to see kids taking action,” mom Shelly Jensen said.

Their can-do good spirit is catching on.

By days end, they raised over $100, making the sale a huge success seen in their coffers and the change they created by helping out strangers in need.



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