VIDEO: Caltrans releases time lapse video of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge repair near Big Sur


MONTEREY COUNTY (KRON) — Crews are hustling to finish up major work in Big Sur.

They’re on a tight schedule to get the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge project wrapped up. And on Monday, Caltrans released a time-lapse video of the work.

Now that crews have reached the south side, the next step is to lower the bridge into place.

Caltrans hopes to have the $24 million dollar project done by early next month.

“We’re going to work all weekend–again–and, in fact, we’ll be working on Labor Day, as well, and just continue on through until the project is done,” Caltrans Structural Representative David Galarza said. “There is no more. There’s no days off until it’s done.”

Once the bridge is lowered into place, crews still have a lot of work to do.

They’ll add rebar and pour more than 500 cubic yards of concrete.



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