The World According to Gary: Chiefs upset defending Super Bowl champs in NFL opener

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On today’s edition of The World According to Gary, Darya Folsom and Gary Radnich talk about the Chiefs upsetting the Patriots in the opening game of the 2017 NFL season.

The Kansas City Chiefs were virtually set up for failure as they entered a jubilant Gillette Stadium Thursday night.

The stage was set for the Patriots’ homecoming after their historical Super Bowl victory back on February 6th.

Mark Wahlberg pumped up the crowd with a boisterous pre-game speech as the World Champion’s banner was unveiled.

Tom Brady led New England to a touchdown on their opening drive, and their defense forced a fumble on Kansas City’s very first play.

However, the Chiefs got creative, using their arsenal of secret weapons.

Kareem Hunt set the record for most rushing yards by a rookie running back in their NFL debut.

Tyreek Hill proved he’s the ultimate triple threat as he destroyed the Patriots from all angles.

Even star tight end Travis Kelce was cut in on the trickery – The Chiefs had the former high school quarterback handle a snap before faking a pass and running for a “QB sneak.”

In the end, Kansas City defeated New England 42-27 in an incredible come-back win.

Many are happy to see the Patriots’ hopes of a 19-0 season ruined.

However, it’s an awkward feeling for Raider fans, who know they’ll see this improved Kansas City team twice this season.



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