More than 50 animals found tethered to trees in Florida county

(Photo: Pet

PALM BEACH CO., FL (WCMH/WPBF) — Animal control officers in Palm Beach County said they had to rescue dozens of family pets abandoned and tied up outside, as their owners fled the oncoming hurricane.

Palm Beach County Animal Care reported 23 dogs were found on Friday and 26 dogs were found Saturday tied to trees and parked cars. Some were left in boxes and all were outside. Animal Control officers rescued a total of 49 dogs and 2 cats in the last 48 hours, according to WPBF TV in West Palm Beach.

Animal Care and Control officials were appalled at the abuse, and said they will make sure the abandoned dogs get new homes and are not returned to the owners who left them.

High winds made it impossible for animal control officers to respond to animal cruelty calls Saturday. County officials asked neighbors to take in animals that were tethered outside.



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