Caught on camera: U.C. Berkeley officer takes hot dog vendor’s wallet, money

BERKELEY (KRON) – Video showing a U.C. Berkeley Police officer taking a man’s wallet is making its way around social media.

A man named Martin Flores took the video.

He says he witnessed the police approach a hot dog vendor to ticket him for selling in the street with no permit on Saturday outside the Berkeley football game.

However, the situation escalated when an officer took his wallet and money.

The vendor pleads with the officer in Spanish who replies “this is how it works.”

Another person is heard yelling “You must have voted for Trump!”

The video ends with the officer still in possession of the wallet.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the vendor.

The University of California said Monday it will investigate a police officer’s decision to confiscate a vendor’s money.

University Police Sgt. Sabrina Reich said the officer cited the vendor for operating without a license and the money was seized as evidence of the “suspected proceeds of the violation.” UC officials said the officer seized $60.

“In general, when an officer issues a citation, makes an arrest, or investigates a crime, the officer may seize items as evidence of the proceeds of the crime or violation,” Reich said in an email.

Reich did not immediately respond to a request to identify the officer.

UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy said in a statement that the university has instructed officers to monitor illegal vending outside event venues over concerns about public health.

“While I cannot comment on the specifics of this particular case, our practice is to issue warnings before giving a citation,” he said. UC police detained three other people for vending without a license on the same day, but each was released with a warning, UC officials said.

Biddy said UC police will investigate the incident.



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