VIDEO: Shirtless man breaks into Vallejo Baskin-Robbins, steals cakes

VALLEJO (KRON) — The owner of a Baskin Robbins in Vallejo posted a video online of a strange break-in.

A shirtless man broke into the ice cream shop just after closing time on Wednesday and stole as many ice cream cakes as he could carry.

It happened just minutes after the employees locked up and left.

The man smashes through the glass on a side door. He used a force strong enough to actually leave a dent in the wall.

Once inside, the man heads right for the cake freezer.

Then the video shows him leaving, with six cakes.

Each cake was valued at about $25.

The cake freezer is locked, so the man ripped the doors right off.

The man is actually known to the store.

The owner says he is homeless and they’ve had problems with him trying to steal cakes before.

She is also worried for her employees’ safety.

The owner is actually the one who released the surveillance video on Facebook, hoping it will lead to an arrest.



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