VIDEO: Apple unveils new iPhone at Cupertino headquarters


CUPERTINO (KRON) — Apple has revealed the latest edition of the iPhone Tuesday morning at their campus headquarters in Cupertino.

KRON4’s Gabe Slate says the iPhone has a “sexy” new look – Two-edge screen, glass all over, OLED display, and no “home” button. Instead, users swipe up for home.

CEO Tim Cook called it “the biggest leap forward” since the first iPhone. (“X” is pronounced like the number 10, not the letter X.)

The phone is also expected to have new security features like facial recognition and has en edge-to-edge screen.

It will be available Sept. 22 in 64 or 256 GB.

It’s the most expensive iPhone yet costing $999.

Apple also unveiled a new iPhone 8 and a larger 8 Plus with upgrades to cameras, displays and speakers.

Those phones, Apple said, will shoot pictures with better colors and less distortion, particularly in low-light settings. The display will adapt to ambient lighting, similar to a feature in some iPad Pro models. Speakers will be louder and offer deeper bass.

Both iPhone 8 versions will allow wireless charging, a feature thought to be limited to the anniversary phone. Many Android phones, including Samsung’s, already have this.

KRON4’s tech reporter Gabe Slate was at the unveiling event.

Here are his live Twitter updates!

He says the iPhone 8 is expected to be expensive, costing around $1,000.

Apple could also introduce wireless charging.



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