VIDEO: Alameda Point water restrictions lifted, safe to drink


ALAMEDA (KRON) — All Alameda Point water restrictions have been lifted Friday afternoon, city officials said.

Residents and businesses can now drink and cook with Alameda Point’s water.

“Water throughout Alameda Point’s drinking water distribution system has been deemed safe by the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water. This water once again matches EBMUD’s high quality water supply consistent with other areas outside of the Alameda Point water system,” officials said.

Late Thursday night, tests showed the water was clear of bacteria and tested negative for contamination.

The irrigation well that was the source of the water problem has been disconnected from the drinking water system.

“EBMUD and City staff will proactively and diligently continue to monitor and test Alameda Point’s potable water system to ensure its continued safety,” officials said.

City officials are still asking residents to flush all water fixtures for 10 minutes before initial water use.

The restrictions started on Tuesday.



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