‘Shut up or we’ll kill you:’ San Francisco armed robbery victim describes terrifying experience


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It was a busy 24 hours for robbers targeting victims for their cell phones, wallets, and other personal property in San Francisco.

Nearly a dozen victims were robbed, some at gunpoint. In fact, earlier on Friday, one of those robbery victims describes the frightening incident to KRON4.

“They said, ‘Shut up or we will kill you, blah, blah, blah, so you know it was very scary,” robbery victim Martin Bloom said.

Bloom showed KRON4 where three men attacked and robbed him around 3 a.m. Friday outside of his home on Gonzales Drive in San Francisco.

“Yeah, I am still a little shaky over it,” Bloom said.

He says it happened shortly after he came outside to smoke a cigarette.

“One guy came up to me. I didn’t notice that there were two others, they were behind me,” Bloom said. “One guy, it looked like he had a gun. The one guy shouted at me to shut up and give up everything you have. And eventually, I just threw my wallet and my cell phone at them, and they ran away.”

San Francisco police investigators say Bloom was one of 11 robbery victims within a 12-hour period Thursday afternoon to early Friday Morning.

“All these robberies are kind of spread out throughout the city,” San Francisco police spokesman Robert Ruecka said. “On occasion, we do see an uptick in incidents such as robberies. It is really difficult to attribute any one thing that might be causing these incidents.”

Bloom was one of five victims targeted for their cell phones which police say thieves can easily exchange for money at kiosks in malls across the Bay Area.

“I didn’t have a fancy phone,” Bloom said. “In fact, I got it free when I signed up for the service. They’re probably only going to get like $20 bucks or so, so all of that for nothing.”

San Francisco police investigators have limited descriptions of the three robbery suspects in this case.



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