VIDEO: Minnesota mother paralyzed in hammock accident


Video courtesy of CNN

MINNESOTA (KRON) – A Minnesota mother is giving a stern warning after she was paralyzed in a hammock accident.

Alyssa Pfannenstein and her boyfriend Justin Janssen set up a hammock between two large birch trees with Alyssa’s young daughter.

This activity is nothing new to the outdoorsy family.

“People do it all the time, we’ve done it all the time,” Justin said. “We’re very adventurous.”

However this time, the couple was unaware that one of the trees was rotten on the inside.


“All of the sudden just this big boom, hit me in the back of the head” Alyssa said.

Her neck was broken.

She was unable to move, but still comforted her daughter and boyfriend until help arrived.

Alyssa took her daughter’s hand and told her everything was going to be okay.

She took this positive attitude with her to the hospital, where doctors say she is already making progress.

Alyssa can already feel touch, and is praying for a full recovery.

Despite her difficult circumstance, she is grateful that her daughter was not in the hammock with her.

“It would have killed her,” she said. “Like there’s no way she could have lived through that, very blessed. You know, I would take a tree for her any day.”

Her boyfriend Justin hopes that this tragic accident can be an example to others, and is determined to help Alyssa through this adversity.

“We just want to appreciate every little miracle, and just know that accidents happen, and we’re gonna get through this like everything else.”

CNN contributed to this article



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