City Leaders: Concord Safeway has ignored crime concerns for months


CONCORD (KRON) — A different East Bay Safeway is facing increasing scrutiny from the city over ongoing security problems at the store.

Concord’s mayor has been in email contact with company executives about the Safeway on Willow Pass Road.

But city leaders say Safeway has ignored concerns about crime for months.

In meetings earlier this year, the city talked about ways to curb trespassing, shoplifting, and to improve parking lot lighting and landscaping.

But the mayor’s letter says police have repeatedly tried to contact the store without getting a response.

It is shoppers who see the problems firsthand, who brought them up with their city councilor earlier this year.

“I’ve witnessed people stealing, walking in the store and then looking around, looking back, ya know, looking to see who’s watching them,” one shopper said.

A Safeway official responded with a letter late Friday, saying it will make necessary improvements when it comes to the store’s appearance and parking lot lighting.

Safeway executives say they are also willing to meet with the city officials about how to deter crime.



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