Couple fleeing Florida ahead of Irma accidentally drives car into hotel pool

Acworth Police Department

ACKWORTH, Ga. (WFLA) – Two Floridians accidentally drove their car into a hotel pool after they fled the state ahead of Hurricane Irma, according to a Florida news station.

Theodore and Gloria Karadimos of Punta Gorda were headed north to escape Hurricane Irma and decided to check into the Best Western in Acworth, Georgia. When the couple tried to park outside their hotel, Theodore Karadimos’ foot slipped off the brake and accidentally hit the gas, sending the car, the couple and their two dogs flying straight into the hotel swimming pool, according to the news station.

Chief Wayne Dennard says the couple feared they would drown in the car because they don’t know how to swim.

“This couple was obviously fleeing from the storm and stressed from that,” he said.

Hotel guests jumped in the pool and got the couple to safety. Police arrived and Gloria Karadimos was transported to the hospital as an officer helped Theodore get a rental car, call insurance and replace his medicine before checking on his wife, according to Dennard.

The couple thanked officers by feeding members of the shift twice.

“I can’t give them enough praise,” Gloria said.

“We really are seriously thinking about moving up there because we feel they are part of our family from now on,” Theodore Karadimos said.

The couple said their Punta Gorda home sustained some exterior damage after the hurricane, but the inside is okay.



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