VIDEO: Oakland A’s win local support for new stadium near Merritt College


OAKLAND (KRON) — The Oakland Athletics got a ringing endorsement for building their new ballpark at the Peralta Site from Oakland’s business community.

On Monday, over a dozen Oakland business leaders held a press conference to make the announcement.

Oakland’s business leaders say they are on board with the Oakland A’s proposal to build the teams new ballpark at the Peralta Community College’s site near Lake Merritt.

“We are here today with many Oakland business leaders, members of the non-profit community, and labor leaders to convey our support for the Oakland A’s choosing Oakland as their future home and their new ballpark,” Oakland Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Barbara Leslie said.

For Sean Marx, of Give Something Back Workplace Solutions, the new A’s stadium is all about jobs.

“The economic advantages speak for themselves–$10 billion over the next 10 years, 2,000 construction jobs. There is affordable housing in the plan,” Marx said.

Affordable housing is a big reason Bob Stoker of the Alameda Building Trades Council is giving the new stadium the green light.

“This is so much more than a ballpark, and the A’s have shown that by committing to address the city’s housing shortage by providing a robust housing plan that will include much-needed affordable housing,” Stoker said.

Jennifer Tran of the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce says it is important for the Oakland A’s to show their commitment to diversity in their business plan.

“So, that all stakeholders get what they need because we want Oakland to be a prosperous place but not at the expense of people who have been historically impacted,” Tran said.

It is important to note the Oakland A’s are not seeking any public funding for the new ballpark.

There is no doubt the Oakland A’s have scored big with this crowd.


Now, the Athletics organization will wait and see if the Peralta Community Colleges Board of Trustees are willing to play ball by selling the land their administration offices currently occupy.



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