VIDEO: Was faking a seizure the best way to avoid being robbed on BART?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — After a woman faked a seizure on BART to avoid being robbed, KRON4 is looking into what to do and what not to do to protect yourself.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake spoke to a self-defense expert at United Studios of Self Defense Tuesday.

Kids learning martial arts at the studio in San Francisco are already learning, among other things, what their best options are if someone ever tries to rob them.

KRON4 told you about the weekend incident when a BART rider got a threatening note from another rider, threatening her life over her wallet and phone.

“It sounds serious,” Sensei J.T. Collins said. “It sounds like someone should be careful about their next steps.”

The step she decided to take was to fake a seizure, which grabbed people’s attention.

“Actually a pretty wise idea,” Collins said.

At that point, the alleged note-writer got off the train.

Collins says he would’ve done something very similar if he had gotten the note and the people we talked to at BART stations were on the right track.

“I’d probably scream,” a BART rider said.

“Loud voices makes everyone else pay attention, maybe get out their phones,” according to Collins.

“What would you have done?” Blake asked a rider.

“Handed ’em my stuff, because I’m chicken,” the rider replied.

Don’t feel like a chicken. Collins also stand behind that idea, generally.

He points out your life isn’t worth the contents of your wallet, nor the price of your phone.

Other options are to ignore the note, or pretend like you didn’t understand it.

Collins’ best tactical advice when there are lots of people around, is to head to an exit. Try to put as much distance and as many objects as possible between you and the potential robber.

“Never ever go with them to somewhere else,” Collins said. “Never ever leave the area.”

Collins has been teaching these kinds of defenses and tactics for a couple decades but you’ll only have seconds to make a decision if a dangerous person targets you.

“I encourage adults to think about the decision and think about it for their family as well as themselves, their friends and try to think of the decision; make a decision beforehand of what they would do.”

Perhaps the victim in this case already had her plan in mind, too.

Bart police, by the way, are still looking for this woman as a potential suspect.



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