VIDEO: San Francisco woman ripped off of $68,000 in jewelry by short-term renter


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco woman was ripped off of $60,000 in jewelry by a short-term renter.

The woman KRON4 spoke with has been doing short-term rentals since May and has had no problem until last week when she says she got a last-minute renter, and he cleaned her place out.

When Pamela Kelley decided to rent her three-bedroom, two-bath Turk Street flat on a short-term basis this summer, things went well.

That is until last week when she did a last-minute, same-day, four-night rental to a so-called record executive.

“I did not vet him as well as I should have and could have,” homeowner Pamela Kelley said. “I did not check out the record company he said that he worked for. I did not check any references.”

When she returned home on Sunday, she found three of her “owner’s closets,” which had been locked, with a deadbolt wide open.

“Everything that I owned as far as pants, shoes, purses, you name it–anything and everything,” Kelley said. “I was completely wiped out.”

But the worst was yet to come when she checked her safe in another closet.

It too was cracked open.

“He got about $68,000 in jewelry,” Kelley said.

Kelley says in addition to the theft, she found drug paraphernalia on the bed, as well as blood.

Police gathered that evidence Sunday.

On Tuesday, she discovered a small ID-size photo of the renter but is still waiting for a police detective to contact her.

“I feel like this has been put on the back burner…that police are dragging their feet,” Kelley said. “I was told on Monday this has been assigned to a detective, and that he would be contacting me on Tuesday which was yesterday, and I haven’t heard from them.”

To add insult to injury, because it was a short-term rental, Kelley says her insurance doesn’t cover the theft.

Getting the right insurance is just one of the lessons she’s had to learn the hard way.

“If anyone is considering doing this with their home, to not have any valuables in your home, not even in a safe,” Kelley said. “It is too much of a risk.”

Kelley says she will rent again but only to couples, families, or groups.

She says there will be no last-minute, same-day rentals, and there will be no rentals without a thorough check of references.

She’s also getting her place outfitted with security cameras.



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