VIDEO: Demonstrators rally for, against canceled Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley


BERKELEY (KRON) — A rally at UC Berkeley turned contentious on Monday.

It was a planned event in opposition to Free Speech Week that was abruptly canceled this weekend.

All of this comes as the university continues to rack up big bills as they deal with security measures to keep the peace.

It was heated exchange at times during the rally at UC Berkeley. The group holding this event said they were doing so to push back against hate.

However, at times, they were hostile themselves.

At the rally Monday, there were strong words from one passionate group speaking out against the planned Free Speech Week, which has since been canceled at UC Berkeley.

Speakers took shots at British commentator Milo Yiannopoulos and the conservative group Berkely Patriot, who had for weeks promised to hold a multi-day event with speakers including the controversial Yiannopoulos.

However, the whole thing was canceled at the last minute.

And while speakers spoke about inclusion at this rally, it was not for everyone.

Some created a wall to block a journalist from going up to the podium. And a group in masks approached KRON4 and said it needed to back away and not videotape them at the rally.

All of this happened, as UC Berkeley continued to pay the price of defending free speech.

Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley spokesperson, says the university is committed to making sure that free speech is protected but it is coming at a high cost.

Mogulof says he expects to spend at least $1.4 million on security measures by the time this week is over.

Again, Free Speech Week has been canceled, but it was at the last minute, and the security measures were already in place.



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