VIDEO: Racist graffiti sprayed on front door of East Bay apartment in hate crime


ALBANY (KRON) — Racist graffiti sprayed on the front door of an East Bay apartment has left a community rattled.

The hate crime happened was last week at the Bayside Commons Apartments in Albany.

The graffiti apparently appeared sometime last week. Police are investigating but neighbors are rattled.

According to a notice released by Bayside Commons Management last week, a swastika and the word “kill” were spray-painted on the doorway of an apartment last Wednesday evening.

Two-door peepholes were also painted over, preventing the African-American occupant from looking out.

Sources tell KRON4 that the resident of the apartment is OK, taking the attack in stride, but many other neighbors are alarmed.

“It’s very scary,” resident Njeri Karanja said.

Karanja has lived there for 8 years. She says there’s never been a problem like this before and that everyone at the commons is very friendly.

She suspects whoever did this probably lives somewhere else.

“I hope this is someone who got onto the property rather than someone who lives here,” Karanja said.

Bayside Commons management declined to be interviewed for the story, citing the privacy concerns of residents.

In its statement, Bayside Commons does say that Albany police have been notified and that a hate crime addendum was added to the police report.

The Albany Police Department said on Monday that they are looking into this case but declined to say if any suspects have been identified.

Njeri hopes whoever did this will be found soon.

She also hopes that management will make some safety upgrades.

“Especially since we can’t figure out who it was because their peephole was blocked and there’s no cameras in the hallway,” Karanja said. “You would think we wouldn’t need the security here but it appears we do.”

Management has also said that if the people who did this are found, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



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