VIDEO: San Francisco car break-ins up 25 percent, may be higher with unreported cases


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Recently released statistics show that car break-ins in San Francisco are up 25 percent.

But city officials believe that number might be even higher because many of the break-ins are not reported to police.

For many, getting a car window fixed has become normal.

“If it happens, I’m not surprised by it as much as I would be before,” Josue Zamora said.

This is the second time that Zamora’s car is broken into.

On both occasions, nothing of value was taken.

“I was in the parking lot,” Zamora said. “There’s security in there, and then the other time, I was parked right next to the street, so I wouldn’t have expected someone just to break a window while everyone is passing by.”

This is a problem that at least two San Francisco supervisors are trying to address.

“It’s gotten so ridiculous this epidemic, and this crime, that I’ve now been referring to it as the car break-in tax in San Francisco,” San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Fixing a broken window can cost a couple hundred dollars, one of the reasons why supervisor Ronen recently introduced legislation to target break-ins in the city.

“This is a severe impact on quality of life and ability to live here, and enough is enough,” Ronen said.

The legislation will be heard in committee on Oct. 4, and it would ask police to create localized units, targeting the areas with a high numbers of break-ins

“I don’t see the point of it just to break a window,” Zamora said. “I mean, if it’s for fun, or what, but I guess it happens more than I expected it to.”

It’s a change in perspective that is now motivating Zamora to be extremely careful with what’s visible inside his car.

Auto burglary map:



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