3 arrested in Berkeley during Patriot Prayer march

(Berkeley Police Department)

BERKELEY (KRON) — Police arrested three people Tuesday during a free speech march that was met by counter-protesters at U.C. Berkeley.

The conservative group Patriot Prayer a rally in Sproul Plaza at 2 p.m.

The protest was led by Joey Gibson, leader of Patriot Prayer, and supporters including Kyle Chapman, a self-described “American nationalist.”

Berkeley Police said then about 200 people marched down Telegraph Avenue to People’s Park.

Counterprotesters got into shouting matches with supporters inside an “empathy tent” set up on campus and later in a city park.

Police arrested Ricky Joseph Monzon, 20, of Las Vegas, near Telegraph Ave and Bancroft Way for carrying a banned weapon, police said.

Yvonne Felarca, 47, of Oakland, was arrested near Telegraph Ave and Channing Way for battery and resisting arrest.

Felarca is a Berkeley teacher and a known Bay Area left-wing activist who has been arrested at a protest before.

Eddy Robinson, 47, of Oakland, was arrested near Telegraph Ave/Bancroft Way on charges of participating in a riot and resisting arrest.

There is a heavy police presence around campus due to the protests and rallies.

Police are advising residents and students to use caution when walking near south campus.

Gibson called for the rally after student organizers canceled a planned “Free Speech Week” this week that was to feature right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos.



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