VIDEO: 4 small grass fires burn in San Francisco’s McLaren Park, considered suspicious

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Four small grass fires burned in McLaren Park in San Francisco Wednesday.

The fires were burning at John F Shelley Drive and Burrows Drive. They burned near homes on Wednesday’s hot, dry, and windy day.

Winds were sending sparks across the area and smoke was pouring out of the park.

Fire crews said they were able to contain the fire by 12:50 p.m.

Officials also said there were three separate fires that burned a total of three acres.

There were no injuries.

All the fires were very close to one another, leaving fire investigators to question if they were intentionally set.

The cause is currently under investigation but they are considered suspicious.

The park is located just south of I-280 in the Excelsior District.

There were no witnesses to the fire.

Because the fires burned so close together and in a row, fire investigators tell KRON4 it is possible that wind could have picked up a burning leaf and started the second, third, and fourth fires.



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