ONLY ON KRON4: Antioch family outraged after their daughter was beaten up inside middle school classroom


ANTIOCH (KRON) — An East Bay family is outraged after their daughter was beaten by another student inside a middle school classroom–and all of it was caught on camera.

The young girl says no one in the classroom helped stop the fight and nobody called the police.

The family told KRON4 something has to be done to prevent this from happening to another child.

The victim’s mother says she’s shocked that the attacker is still in school and is concerned that if nothing is done, this will happen again to her daughter or another student.

It was a brutal attack in a seventh-grade classroom.

One student snatched another by the hair, as students recorded it on their cell phones.

“She starting pulled me by the ponytail, and she started hitting me. It felt unbelievable and all my friends that were in my class, I wasn’t expecting it.” victim Ana Maria Oceanu said. “I thought that one of my friends would break it up. But people were laughing in the background. People were recording.”

Oceanu’s mother is outraged.

“My heart was broke,” Costina Oceanu said. “And I start crying. I say this is not acceptable. I was taking her straight to the emergency. First, I call the police. We send our kids to school to learn not to be like that.”

Oceanu says school officials knew about the video and didn’t tell her about it.

She says she is now worried sick about her daughter’s safety.

“Sometimes she’s walking from school home,” Costina said. “What happens if her, the girl, and another girls, they are getting together to attack her on the streets? Who is going to protect her?”

KRON4 spoke with other parents who say the school should be doing more.

“First up, I’m mortified that people can act like that, but I’m so upset with the school because they have created an atmosphere where this could happen,” Whitney Gonzales said. “They say there are all these things are going to happen if you break this rule, break this rule, but they are not doing anything.”

KRON4 reached out to the school.

They have yet to respond to us.



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