Video shows group of Stockton teens beating 8-year-old boy, stealing his bike


STOCKTON (KTXL) — An 8-year-old was beaten for his bike Saturday, and video of the incident was posted on Instagram.

The boy’s father shared the video and spoke with KTXL on Wednesday.

William Jones was stunned when he saw the video of his 8-year-old son brutally beaten. The video — which has been removed from Instagram, was so disturbing, we won’t show you all of it.

Investigators say this all happened on Saturday at a home on Union Street in Stockton.

Jones says all the teen-aged attackers wanted was the child’s bicycle. His son was kicked and punched repeatedly — even threatened and humiliated.

“He said, ‘I was scared to tell my dad because they said they were going to kill him, and me and put us in a cave.’ You know so that, that hurt me so bad. That has me real shaken inside. How could they do that? And he’s 8 years old,” Jones said.

Jones says his son was friends with the attackers before the incident.

The teens have since returned his son’s bike, but Jones says that gesture won’t be enough to make amends.

The boy’s mother recently died of cancer, they recently moved from the Bay Area to Stockton for a fresh start.

Jones says his son has been moved back to the Bay Area for his protection.

The Stockton Police Department is investigating the incident. The boy’s father says the teens have not been taken into custody yet.



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