VIDEO: Suspect arrested in Richmond hit-and-run that left 3-year-old in critical condition

RICHMOND (KRON) — The vehicle involved a hit-and-run on Wednesday that left a 3-year-old boy in critical condition was found and a suspect has been arrested.

The Richmond Police Department said evidence found on the Smart car links it to the case.

According to police, around 11:30 a.m. officers arrived at the scene in the 2700 block of MacDonald Avenue and found the young boy lying in the street with his mother crying over him.

The child’s mother was trying to place him in the car when he managed to escape and darted out into traffic, police said.

The suspect was driving a Smart car and continued westbound on MacDonald Avenue and northbound on 23rd Street.

The boy is in stable but critical condition at a nearby hospital.

The suspect arrested is an auto shop employee.

The owner of the car has been cleared by police.






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