VIDEO: Warriors to pay for Oakland Championship parade


(KRON) — The Golden State Warriors have agreed to pay for the entire cost of their Championship Parade in June.

The Warriors went 15-1 in this year’s postseason, with sweeps in the first three rounds before beating LeBron James and the Cavaliers in five games in the Finals.

This year’s championship was the second in three years.

Oakland says in a statement Thursday that it’s grateful for the $786,998 payment, which offsets the taxpayer money used to pay for the police, fire and public works personnel who staffed the June parade.

It says it appreciates the Warriors’ financial investment and their commitment to their home city. The Warriors are headed to San Francisco, where they broke ground this year on a new arena slated to open in 2019.

From the Golden State Warriors:

Out of an abundance of goodwill toward the city of Oakland, the Warriors have agreed to cover the entirety of the city’s revised estimated costs from this summer’s NBA Championship parade — despite the fact that the revised amount of $786,988 is more than double the $300,000 estimate the Warriors were provided by the city in the lead-up to the parade.

This amount comes on top of the nearly $6 million the Warriors have already spent to produce two victory parades in Oakland; most American cities cover the majority of the expenses associated with victory parades.

We have made this decision despite our disappointment with the process and the large disparity between the two estimates.  



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