VIDEO: Oakland police officer charged in sex scandal appears in court


OAKLAND (KRON) — An officer charged in the Oakland police sex scandal involving its officers as well as other Bay Area law enforcement officials was in court on Friday.

This case is just one of several that stemmed from charges filed by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Initially, several officers were charged, but some of those cases have since been dismissed.

That is leading critics to say the whole issue was politically motivated and not in the name of justice for the then underage victim.

Former Oakland police officer Ryan Walterhouse was in court on Friday, as he is facing charges in the sex scandal. But while his case has gone forward, others have not, and that, critics say, is because these cases were like a house of cards, destined to fall apart.

The sex scandal involved Celeste Guap, whose real name is Jasmine Abuslin.

Abuslin has revealed that when she was underage, she had sex with many Oakland officers. In addition, she says some tipped her to stings so she could avoid being arrested.

The scandal broke out after a police officer committed suicide and left behind a note talking about his affair with Abuslin, and he mentioned other officers as well as other Bay Area law enforcement officials she had sexual relations with.

Oakland disciplined and fired several officers, and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office announced charges against seven officers.

Of those seven, Brian Bunton’s case was recently dismissed. Dan Black pled no contest, but his case will be dismissed in a year.

And Walterhouse’s case was dismissed as well recently, but charges were then refiled.

Walterhouse’s attorney is pushing to get the case dismissed for good.

Abuslin recently settled for nearly $1 million against the City of Oakland.

And the Alameda County district attorney stands behind its charges, saying this about the Bunton case that was dismissed and the others.

Here is the statement from the DA:

“We were disappointed in the outcome of the hearing.”

We firmly stand behind the criminal charges that we filed and wholeheartedly believe that the evidence supports the charges.”



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