VIDEO: San Diego father of boy with autism deported, hasn’t lived in Mexico for 30 years

SAN DIEGO (KRON) — A San Diego father with American-born teenagers, including one with autism, has been deported to Mexico.

Gaston Cazares was deported Thursday morning. it happened almost immediately after a new ruling came down from federal officials.

The ruling called for tougher immigration enforcement laws.

His family says they are heartbroken.

“I ask, ‘Let me stay here with my family, they need me,'” Cazares said.

That was the very last plea from Cazares, and moments later, it would be the last time Cazares would be seen on United States soil.

“I know my dad had a lot of hope that this was going to go our way,” daughter Yahaira said.

But, it didn’t.

On Thursday, immigration sent Cazares back to Mexico.

“It’s just really awful what has happened to my client,” attorney Nicole Leon said.

Leon represents Cazares.

She said the morning had begun with cautious optimism.

But any shred of hope faded once she and Gaston entered the federal building and were directed to the detention area.

Earlier in the week, Cazares shared his story with KSWB.

He had come to the U.S. illegally at the young age of 16.

Since then, he’s worked hard building the American Dream.

Yahaira said her father’s sole goal in life was providing for his family. Without Gaston by their side, his family wonders how they will carry on.

Yahaira said for those watching her father’s story, wondering why didn’t he just apply for citizenship.

The answer? It’s just not that simple.

The father has not lived in Mexico for 30 years. And he does not have a home there.

He says he does know someone there who he has been keeping in contact with.

His family says they will find a way to appeal the decision.



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