VIDEO: Sebastopol community shows support for high school football star paralyzed during day at the beach

SEBASTOPOL (KRON) — A Bay Area community is coming together, showing support for a high school football star left paralyzed during a day at the beach.

KRON4 first told you about Carson Pforsich earlier this week.

The Sebastopol senior injured his spine jumping into the water at Bodega Bay.

When KRON4 talked to Carson just days after his accident, he was making some real progress towards a recovery.

And Carson has a whole lot of support behind him. 

From visits at his hospital bedside to the football field Friday night, there’s been a lot of support for Analy High School football captain Pforsich after a swimming accident last Sunday.

Players honored Pforsich in a major game against Marin Catholic by wearing his name and No. 13 written on their wrists and some across their forehead.

“Oh man, it’s been tough, just trying to get through it,” Carson’s friend since third grade Sam Ballenger said. “This is the biggest game of the year too. So for that to happen for us, now it’s just a heartbreaker.”

His younger sister Kelsey Pforsich wore his jersey and stood in his place on the field for the coin toss.

Head coach James Foster has trained Pforsich for three years and says this is the first time he’s dealt with a devastating injury for one of his players.

But he says the tight-knit team is now motivated twice as hard to beat their rivals in their captain’s honor.

“We actually brought the whole team to him to the hospital last night, and he filmed a little message for the team. We showed them right before they went into the locker room,” Foster said. “Just to give them encouragement knowing that he’s going to keep fighting for us, and we need to be fighting for him out here on the football field.”

Loved ones say Pforsich is already making strides in his first week by regaining some mobility in his hands and arms giving them hope for his recovery.




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